Facilities & Items for Hire

They Sydney Showroom Space offers a range of amenities to suit different needs. For those requiring separate male and female facilities, the venue provides luxury fittings and shower facilities. There is also a lift and loading dock for easy transportation of goods. The space is NBN ready and air-conditioned for comfort. Rear-lane access is available for convenience. Additionally, there are end-of-trip facilities, including a bike room and lockers. For those requiring additional storage, clothing racks, and shelving are available to hire.

A 132 square meter showroom that can be halved into 66 sqm showroom is also available to rent that can easily fit 8 racks or shelves

Chairs, Tables, Mannequins, Hangers, Garment Steamers for hire & Shelves

We have a selection of 16x Clear Ghost Chair for $5 each per day, 8x Black Chairs for $5 each per day, 3x Mannequins for $10 each per day, 1x Tall Concrete Table, 4x Low Concrete Table, 1x Large Concrete Table, 1x Round Glass Table for hire at $10 each per day, Hangers for $1 each per day, 1x Garment Steamer for $20 per day and 12x White Shelves for $10 each per day, 3x Large Base Table & Smaller Shelf Table for $15 each per day

Tall Concrete Table Dimensions

Height 83cm
Length 130cm
Width 26cm

Low Concrete Table Dimensions

Height 40 cm                              
Length 75 cm
Width 75 cm 

Large Concrete Table Dimensions

Height 74cm
Length 269cm
Width 100cm

Ikea White Shelves

Height 192cm 
Length 118cm 
Width 35cm

Large Base Table

70cm X 140cm

Smaller Shelf Table

50cm X 105cm


Props & Displays

We have a selection of displays for hire at $10 each per day.

3x Large Plinth, 3x Small Plinth, 3x White Screens, 2x Black Rounded Top Mirror,  1x Large Black Rounded Top Mirror, 1x Tall Rectangle Mirror, 1x Tall Mirror with Thick Grey & Distressed Marked Border, 1x Mid-size Rectangle Mirror with Silver Border, 12x Glass Shelves, 20x Racks & 2x White Desks

Plinth Dimensions

H50cm X W30cm X D30cm
H60cm X W30cm X D30cm 
H70cm X W30cm X D30cm
H90cm X W30cm X D30cm
H100cm X W30cm X D30cm


White Screen Dimensions

178 height x 174 length


Mirror Dimensions

Rounded Top Mirror with Black Rim
(Length – 1800 Width – 800)
Tall Rectangle Mirror
(Length – 2000 Width – 900)
Tall Mirror with Thick Grey & Distressed Marked Border
(Length – 2100 Width – 910)
Mid-size Rectangle Mirror with Silver Border
(Length – 1790 Width – 770)
Large Rounded Top Mirror with Black Rim
(Length – 2150 Width – 1400)


Glass Shelves Dimensions

127 height ( top shelf to wheels)
118 length x 42 width
Glass 37 x 37


Racks Dimensions ($15)

173 height x 202 height (with extension)


White Desk Dimensions

(3 available for $10)

160cm x 80 cm x 75 cm





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